Who / What was primarily responsible for the riots of the 1960s? : Who / What was mostly to blame for the riots of the 1960s?

Who / What was primarily responsible for the riots of the 1960s?

by Student Body on 03/15/16

      Riots of the 1960s were primarily rebellions against terrible circumstances. If you were fortunate enough to grow up middle class or better (i.e. Paris Hilton) then it would be very difficult for you to understand the anger, despair and frustration of growing up black amongst inner city poverty.

      Ghettos become prisons without walls, an inescapable vortex of grief. When entire communities are saturated with this frustration, then the time bomb begins to tick. The most dangerous person in any society if the one who believes they have nothing to lose.


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1. Julius Somers said on 4/2/16 - 02:26PM
I suppose LBJ gets a lot of the blame because all the riots happened on his watch. The cold irony is that Johnson passed more civil rights legislation than any president. Some presidents just come along at the wrong time. LBJ was one of those.
2. Sylvester James said on 4/13/16 - 04:58PM
We used to live in Black Bottom, on Catherine street. We came from Georgia. Henry Ford used to send agents to the Deep South to recruit blacks to work in the factories, also to use as muscle against the uaw. Blacks built Detroit as much as whites did but got no credit. Police were an extension of white society. Most all blacks in Detroit came from the south and thought they had left civil rights issues behind only to have them reappear. Blacks had no power in their own neighborhood despite being an all-black neighborhood. Sooner or later the lid was going to blow.
3. Antionne Askin said on 5/14/16 - 11:46AM
Every city has its share of nefarious characters. Blue collar crooks steal tv sets. White collar crooks steal legally and often times invisibly. It only takes a few characters to ignite a volatile, but dormant, community. This is what happened in Detroit.
4. Glen Lenhoff said on 12/26/16 - 12:33AM
I lived in the Detroit area back then, and I remember Bizon.I never knew his real name was Irving Goldstein.After the riots, he opened another pawn shop in the Detroit area in a different location.Actually, Bizon was not a bad guy.Although he worked intensely, he had a friendly genial side.

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